Tech & Sci December 15, 2018

Or Offer Them an Office Bris I have more than one older male colleague who makes a regular habit of clipping his nails at his desk. Not the quiet way, with the tiny nail scissors. The loud, hear-it-from-across-the-open-office, echoing-in-my-nightmares kind of clipping. These men are senior in age and, at least to me, in rank. […] December 15, 2018

Apple said it would update the software of iPhones in China to try to resolve a legal dispute that threatens to stop the company from selling older iPhones in the country. Apple and its longtime chip supplier, Qualcomm, have been fighting in court over Apple’s use of Qualcomm’s technology. On Nov. 30, a Chinese court […] December 14, 2018

■ An argument often made against antitrust action is that the technology industry is dynamic, and that today’s dominant predator can become tomorrow’s prey. Nokia once dominated mobile phones but lost its standing to Samsung and Apple in the smartphone era. Similarly, Intel, once so overwhelming a force in the semiconductor industry that it was […]