Undercover spy exposed in NYC was 1 of many : worldnews

This has nothing to do with Russia- where did you come up with that? It’s about israeli spies caught selling their spyware to repressive governments. Specifically, they’re being linked to Kashoggi’s murder.

The researchers claim that a Mexican journalist, Rafael Cabrera, had also been targeted and they think that the software could have been used in Israel, Turkey, Thailand, Qatar, Kenya, Uzbekistan, Mozambique, Morocco, Yemen, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, and Bahrain.

In October, Citizen Lab reported that an iPhone belonging to one of Khashoggi’s confidantes had been infected by the NSO’s signature spy software only months before Khashoggi’s grisly murder. The friend, Saudi dissident Omar Abdulaziz, would later claim that the hacking had exposed Khashoggi’s private criticisms of the Saudi royal family to the Arab kingdom’s spies and thus “played a major role” in his death.


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