UAE woman who fled family begs to be allowed to claim asylum : worldnews

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An Emirati woman who fled her family and is now trapped in a detention centre in North Macedonia is begging to be allowed to claim asylum elsewhere instead of being deported back home, the Guardian has learned.

Her asylum application in North Macedonia was rejected on Tuesday after what Bolooki’s friends claim was pressure on the local authorities from the UAE to send her back to her family.

The Helsinki Committee, a human rights NGO, has tried to intervene, accusing the North Macedonian government of violating Bolooki’s rights by detaining her and rejecting her asylum at the request of the UAE. “It appears Bolooki’s case had been rushed through the asylum system at an unprecedented speed so the authorities can close her case and send her home,” the committee’s director, Uranija Pirovska, told local television.

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