Right-wing parties win regional Italian election : worldnews

It’s amazing how people talk past one another…

Conservatives see victory after victory by leftist on the social front and then see red and talk about what a leftist playground Europe (esp west) has been becoming since 68. Then leftists see conservative and neoliberal policies all over the place and talk about how there hasn’t been a real leftist government in West. Eu. since ever since “conservatives” remain in power (but increasingly back socially progressive causes etc).

The end result is one side seeing leftists everywhere and the other seeing conservatives everywhere when in reality both are everywhere and are just dominating different arenas.

For example you’re going on here about state spending as being a leftist policy, but the most reviled European conservative powers are expanding rather than cutting state services… which may well have been you’re point but you assume by far left that he is referring to fiscal policy and welfare where he is more likely (given the headline issues tackled by the Italian right) is complaining about immigration and social progressivism.

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