Horror as missing girl in Malaysia found dead with internal organs removed : worldnews

Not all drugs are what they’re made out to be. Media loves to make them sound 10x worse. Nothing wrong with using a drug in a recreational way e.g using cocaine or MD on weekends etc…

We need education on addiction and the signs etc… Rather than branding users criminals because their not, they are you everyday people who work in offices, receptions… You get the idea. Lucky enough we live in a time people are studying drugs finding out benefits they can have on people with PTSD and stuff. MDMA has been shown to greatly help war vets suffering.

Its not to say it works for everyone but it sure does for some and they have a right to proper medication which works for them as pharma drugs dont agree with a vast amount of people usually leaving nasty side affects.

Ok gonna myself before I turn this into an essay lmao get me point tho I hope.

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