Facebook under pressure to halt rise of anti-vaccination groups : worldnews

There’s this rather disturbed lady “Alice” I’ve come across. Alice is, to the best of my guess as a lay person, suffering from something similar borderline personality disorder. She seems to think everyone she has professional contact with as their client is out to get her. Alice is convinced there’s some deep-rooted conspiracy to maim her kids and that every health problem said kids have ever had is due to vaccines. One day Alice calls out a social worker and medical professional I know by name in one of her online rants and links to a Facebook group she apparently runs. The Facebook group was a mix of this professional-produced anti-vaccination stuff from other groups and photos of her and her kids ill. It was really shocking to see just how much bullshit there was available for her to buy into and re-post on the platform.

Between that and the politics propaganda, it’s made me think the whole ability to share is a fundamental irredeemable flaw with Facebook. There’s insufficient moderation to handle that kind of never-ending misinformation.

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