Climate Change Still Seen as the Top Global Threat, but Cyberattacks a Rising Concern : worldnews

So, this is a survey of laypeople from each country, being asked what is a “major threat” to their country – not to the world in general.

ISIS is the #2 concern behind climate change; cyberattacks are #3. Following those are North Korea, Global Economy, The US, China, and Russia in that order.

Top 5 climate change responders are Greece, South Korea, France, Spain & Mexico.

Top 5 Cyberattacks responders are South Korea, Japan, US, Nethlands and Phillipines.

The most fearful countries are South Korea, who’re among the top ranked respondants for everything except ISIS (and they’re pretty scared of ISIS too), and Japan (compared to SK, they’re more scared of NK, but less worried about China and the global economy).

The most chill country is Israel – almost half are worried about ISIS, and cyberattacks are a concern, but the other issues aren’t too major. Also relaxed is Russia, but that’s largely because they don’t see Russia as a major threat to their country.

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